•Zek/Ezekiel•male•pansexual•dragon•jjba trash• hi im ziek and i am sexually attracted to jotaro kujo and dio brando. please send me to hell. directly to hell. yup

vanillasice asked: how many cherries have you eaten in your life,jojo


Let’s say I eat at least 245 a year. Currently, I’m 17 years of age. So, give or take, that’s around 4165 throughout the course of my life. 

But, there was a point where I was a baby, and couldn’t eat cherries. But, this raises another question: do cherry flavored products, and products with extracts and bits of cherry in them count too? So, I would add about 150 to each year, give or take.

So, 150 x 17 = 2550

4165 + 2550 = 6715 

But, if you’re adding an innuendo to this, I lost my virginity around `13 or 14.

Let’s go with the lesser, so I don’t miss any.

so, 17 - 13 = 4

Now, I’m not basing the following number on how many times I have sex a year, but on how many times I’ve taken someones virginity and given them oral in the process. Hence “Cherry popping.”

about 12 for each year? Yeah. 48. 

So, my grand total is 6763. 

Any more stupid questions?




Do u ever wonder if, in a few decades, memes will be featured in history textbooks? As a part of history and internet culture?
Bc if my descendents even have to so much as read the words “skeleton” and “war” together I’m coming out of my grave to fuck shit up

But wouldn’t that actually start the skeleton war?

Fulfill The Prophecy

The Suburbs
by Arcade Fire
The Suburbs
by Arcade Fire


date a boy who’s intelligent

date a boy who’s clever

date a boy who’s powerful

date a boy who’s unpredictable

date a boy with an amazing laugh

date a boy who dresses sharply

date a boy who’s in great shape

date a boy who doesn’t mind a little danger


“Girl, are those space pants? Because your butt looks out of this world!”
— The Hand-Witch


When your squads outfits are on pointimage